CEO Mama

When Jacqueline Wu is ousted from her position as founder and CEO of a Hong Kong based software firm she flees to London to attempt a reconciliation with the ex-husband and daughter who she was forced to leave behind as she pursued her boardroom dreams.  

However, Jacqueline quickly discovers that the pair have built a successful life without her, and she begins to worry she has lost her purpose in life. That is until a chance encounter with a teacher at a struggling London school, who asks Jacqueline to present at the school’s career evening.

Her initial talk quickly leads to a full-time career guidance role, as Jackie uses her business savvy to turn the student’s lives upside down and motivates them to compete in a nationwide “Young Entrepreneurs” competition. Together with a place in the international final in Hong Kong up for grabs, Jackie might even have a chance to win back the life and company that was so cruelly stolen from her.


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CEO Mama

  • - 95minutes
  • Genre Kids/Romance
  • Budget 5M 30% founded (UK tax credit/product placement)
  • Producer Enrico Tessarin, Winnie Wong
  • Proposed Cast Lucy Liu , Tom Hardy , Chloë Grace Moret