CEO Mama

Hong Kong-native, London-based IT executive Jaqueline Wu  is fired from the software firm that she founded 10 years before. Trying to forget a business that was all her life, Jackie turns her anguish into positive energy as she re-invents herself as a school counsellor in the local struggling primary school.

Demotivated teachers and out of control kids from under-privileged families don’t realise what hits them when Jaqueline turns into CEO MAMA.

She rolls up her sleeves to change the entire system and against all odds, succeeds by bringing her star student Alice, all the way to the final of the UK Mathematics Championship. As Alice has last minute doubts and problems with her troubled family, Jaqueline faces an unexpected turn, when she finds out the other finalist is her ex-partner’s daughter. Let the showdown begin.


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CEO Mama

  • - 95minutes
  • Genre Kids/Action/Romance
  • Budget 5M 30% founded (UK tax credit/product placement)
  • Producer Enrico Tessarin, Winnie Wong
  • Proposed Cast Lucy Liu , Tom Hardy , Chloë Grace Moret