Desert Blossom

The dream of achieving free will and liberty for Khadija, a girl from a Pakistani conservative village, is like hoping to witness blossom in the desert one day. Khadija is a young woman with no education, who ma kes delightful handcrafted embroidery. When her supportive fiancé Bari introduces her to the local NGO’s e-centre with computers and internet, the world opens up to her.

Coincidentally, Sarah, a well-known London designer is on the look for inspirations for her new collection, decides to buy Khadija products via the e-centre. The young woman becomes the poster girl for change in the local area and starts facing threats from the local conservatives. Khadija struggles to cope with her family and neighbours while she is only supported by Bari and her new mentor Sarah.

The real fight begin when Bari is killed in a terrorist attack: only then Khadija realises what she has to face to achieve her dreams.


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Desert Blossom

  • - 120 minutes
  • Genre Crime/Drama
  • Budget $1.5M - 40% funded Private Investment
  • Location Pakistan/India/UK
  • Director Mirko Pincelli
  • Producer Enrico Tessarin, Winnie Wong
  • Proposed Cast Freida Pinto , Riz Ahmed , Rachel Weisz , Hamza Ali Abbasi , Iman Ali