Shaolin New York

SHAOLIN NEW YORK is the first high-budget film developed for the new slate of Pinch Media, thanks to its alliance with new Asian partners. 

A boy from the East stranded in the West. 11 year-old Xiao Bao, a chinese Kung Fu prodigy, is left behind in New York after performing in the spectacular Shaolin warrior US tour with his grandmaster Sifu.

Lost without a penny or a phone, he befriends Nico, a troubled boy from Brooklyn, to help him find his master and return to China. Nico, who desperately needs martial arts skills to defend himself from the evil bully Miguel, hides his new Chinese friend from his mother and all the others that are looking for him.

As the search for Xiao Bao becomes viral and escalates across the Big Apple, these two adventurous kids spark off their life-changing friendship through the wisdom of Shaolin wushu and overcome all obstacles to achieve their dreams together.

The project was brought to the Cannes Film Market 2018, gathering a lot of attention from A-list international sales agent both in China and US. 


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Shaolin New York

  • - 120 minutes
  • Genre Kids/Adventure/Martial Arts
  • Budget $20M - 50% funded (Under discussion with sale agents - Canadian tax credit)
  • Location China/Canada/US
  • Director TBA
  • Producer Enrico Tessarin, Winnie Wong
  • Sales Agent Under discussion