Melody VR

Pinch Media worked with Melody VR directing and producing a series of 360° videos featuring artist Liam Payne.

Melody VR was a startup that evolved from a VR app to watch live gigs, into a mobile app that included 360° videos of live shows and access to live streams of festivals and gigs. The business acquired Napster in 2020 with the view to merge its live content into an established streaming app.


Melody VR

  • -
  • Genre 360°
  • Location London
  • Director Mirko Pincelli
  • Producer Enrico Tessarin, Winnie SM Wong
  • Executive Producer Melody VR
  • Music by Liam Payne


Pinch-Media-Melody-VR-Liam-Payne-Luke-Dyson Pinch-Media-Melody-VR-Liam-Payne-Luke-Dyson Melody-VR