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Welcome to Pinch Media, the production company of Mirko Pincelli and Enrico Tessarin. One director, one producer, working together and sharing the same vision.

We develop, produce (and co-produce), direct and mostly shoot edgy, exciting, uncompromising projects across film, documentary and television. Together we have over 15 years experience in international co-productions across documentary and film. Since 2011 we have worked on 5 feature films, three feature documentaries, one 4 x 30’ documentary series and countless web-series and advertising projects. Our projects have won several awards and nominations in festivals across the world, we have sold projects internationally to various distributors like Universal and broadcasters such as BBC, NHK and AL Jazeera and have worked on several transmedia projects, in the UK and abroad. 

Over the years we have developed a specific, idiosyncratic way of working and we stick to it, at all times, at all costs, no matter what. Some of Pinch Media mentors and associates include Allan Niblo from Vertigo Films, BAFTA-winner Noel Clarke’s Unstoppable Entertainment and documentary legend Nick Broomfield.

Mirko Pincelli, one half of Pinch Media, is an award-winning feature and documentary director, with an extensive background in photography (worked with iconic photographer Donna Trope) and photojournalistic assignments in post-conflict areas. His first feature length documentary “Uspomene 677” (2011), based on an early photojournalist assignment in Bosnia, was selected for Raindance Film Festival, nominated for an award and the screened at the Frontline Club in London. He completed his second feature documentary “My words and I” (2012) based on an Italian School unique methods to cure stammer. It was selected for Raindance Film Festival in 2013 and was released in Cinemas in Italy (Turin and Rome).

Since setting up Pinch media 6 years ago Mirko has directed and/or shot one feature film, three feature documentaries sold internationally, a 4 x 30’ doc series for Al-Jazeera and dozens of web-series, shorts, commercials and music videos in the UK, across Europe and the US.

Mirko has just completed his debut feature as a director, currently doing the rounds of international film festivals. ‘The habit of beauty’ won Best Director award at The Gallio Film Festival, a prestigious festivals for first time directors in Italy and will be in Official Competition at The Montreal World Film Festival 2016. With Enrico he is working on their next feature film, ‘The tears list’. Even just at first draft stage, ‘The tears list’ was selected for two great co-production markets in London (PFM) and Toronto (IFF).

Enrico Tessarin is a graduate of the London Film School with ten years experience working on documentaries, music videos, commercials and short films. In 2006, Enrico was selected for training by European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (EAVE) and in 2007 he worked as one of six producers from Film London, on ‘Passport’. In 2007/2008 he has worked on ‘Sofia’s Diary’, the first interactive web-series for Sony Television Europe, which successfully transferred to television on Channel 5.

Enrico produced two feature documentaries with Mirko and his first feature film as producer ‘The Knot’, starring Noel Clarke and Mena Suvari, is in cinemas from October 2012 via Universal. In 2010, Enrico was one of only five producers selected for the ‘Guiding Lights’ mentoring scheme run by UKFC and Skillset, spending a year under the expert tutelage of Allan Niblo, co-founder of Vertigo Films (‘Streetdance 3D’, ‘Monsters’, and Oscar-winning documentary ‘The Cove’). ‘The Habit of Beauty’ is Enrico’s first feature film as a scriptwriter.

2013 ‘Uspomene 677′ confirmed the following broadcasters: Rudaw TV, Maori TV, DR2, ACHT, Planete + Poland (Re-branded now as NC+)
2013 Our first feature film ‘The Habit of Beauty’ is brought to public attention in it’s pre-production stages with articles by Screen International and Cinecitta News Italy
2012 Euronews show interest in feature doc, ‘Uspomene 677′. Mirko and Enrico are called to an interview for televisual broadcast
2012 ‘Uspomene677’ acquired for worldwide sales by Journeman Pictures
2012 ‘My Words and I’ is distributed in two cinemas in Italy
2011 ‘Uspomene677’ is selected for Sarajevo Film festival, Raindance Film festival 2011 and is nominated as Best Microbudget Feature
2010 Enrico is selected for Guiding Lights 2011. One of only 5 producers in the UK. Mentor Allan Niblo (Vertigo Films)
2010 ‘Conversation Piece’, starring John Henshaw and Celia Imrie premieres at Brief Encounters 2009 and is selected for 45 film festivals (including 5 Academy Award qualifiers) and wins 5 awards (2 in Spain in June 2011)
2009 ‘Sofia’s Diary’ season 3 reaches over 5m hits in only 10 episodes on bebo
2008 ‘Sofia’s Diary’ is nominated at Broadcast Digital Awards 2008 as ‘Best Interactive Drama’
2007 Selected as one of only 17 new producers pitching at the first Production Finance Market, run by Film London @ London Film Festival 2007
2006 Selected for ‘Film Passport’, producer’s development scheme run by Film London. As part of the scheme “Closed Circuit” is presented at Berlin Film Market during Berlinale 2007
2006 Enrico is selected to represent the UK at EAVE with his feature script ‘Closed Circuit’(one of only three projects representing the UK)

Film & Documentary

When we embark on film projects, we like to think about the world we live in. We make feature films and feature docs about amazing people and their amazing stories. We focus on human drama that inspires us and hopefully inspires change around us.

We are interested in cinematic, cutting-edge, sincere films about real experiences, real emotions and life in the contemporary world; films that will push the boundaries and find an audience internationally.


Commercials & Advertising

Advertising is where we come from. From Mirko’s grounding as a commercial director and photographer to Enrico’s early development in music videos and branded entertainment, we have many years experience and a deep understanding of corporate communication, and all that goes with it.

Our focus on web and social media means we are very innovative in our approach, fast, reliable and cost effective in our delivery.



Our philosophy is founded on three key principles: creativity, execution and love. We combine our passions and our ideas with the most imaginative, up-and-coming artistic thinkers – working in film, documentary, advertising and interactive media.

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