Taste beyond borders

“Taste Beyond Borders” is a heart-warming TV food documentary series showcasing how food unites us across borders. In the inaugural episode, “Mountain Treasure – Wild Mushrooms”, we explore the enchanting world of porcini, black truffles, matsutake, and chanterelles.

From chefs infusing mushrooms into signature dishes to local foragers, this documentary reveals the profound influence of wild mushrooms on cuisines and communities. It also delves into the ecological significance, promoting sustainable foraging and conservation. 

Subsequent episodes (Ocean Indulgences / Feathered Delights / Butcher’s Bounty / Grain Stories / Divine Sweets)  will transport viewers to diverse locations, spotlighting indigenous culinary practices. It’s a celebration of global gastronomy and the artistry of food, intertwining personal narratives and local cuisines in a sensory journey that transcends borders.  


Taste beyond borders

  • - 6x45'
  • Genre Docuseries
  • Budget $1.8M
  • Location China, Italy, South America, France, Japan
  • Director TBC
  • Producer Winnie S.M. Wong
  • Cinematography Mirko Pincelli & Daniel Salter
  • Music by Darko Spasovski
  • Sound Andrea Maffi


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