The sound of fire

Sound of Fire

After a wildfire kills their parents, Sompong and Nad are forced to survive on their own. Leaving behind the ruins of their village to enter the world of the metropolis, the two navigate Bangkok struggling for a better future.

Finally, after surviving living in the streets and working precarious daily jobs, Sompong finds employment in a construction site where he works at heights, balancing himself everyday to hold on to his dear life, consumed by his grief and his will to afford an education for his younger brother. There, partly responsible for an accident that causes the death of a colleague, Sompong accepts to work on a second job which reveals itself to be more dangerous than expected, finally resulting in his disappearance.

Nad, now alone, searches for his older brother with Anna, an Italian environmentalist the two brothers saved in the wildfire which killed their parents. Their search will lead them to the heart of the Thai jungle and beyond, following the traces of those gone missing, chasing the faint echoes of the sound of fire.

Sound of Fire

  • - Feature Film
  • Genre Drama
  • Budget $1.5M
  • Location Thailand, France, Italy
  • Director Mirko Pincelli & Sabine Fetta
  • Producer Winnie SM Wong
  • Executive Producer SceneFul
  • Proposed Cast Mathieu Amalric , Valeria Golino , Noom , Simon Yam
  • Cinematography Daniel Salter & Mirko Pincelli
  • Music by Underground Thai Music
  • Sound Darko Spasovski
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