Tharparkar, Pakistan desert. A bombing disrupts the progress of a Chinese-joint project, unleashing shockwaves that will forever entwine the destinies of three young Sindhis. After his whole family is murdered, Vikram, a young Hindu farmer from Tharparkar, finds refuge from solitude and poverty in a madrassa, converting to Islam and ending up facing the killers of his loved ones. In Hong Kong, Safia, a Muslim Engineer from Karachi, seizes the opportunity to showcase her groundbreaking prototype in Sindh. To do so, she must return to Karachi and grapple with the choice between pursuing true love and abiding to her family’s expectations. Rahul, a Hindu security contractor from Mumbai, takes on a role overseeing a classified project in Sindh following a painful breakup with his Muslim girlfriend.

This leads him to confront his roots and reevaluate his indifference towards the world he inhabits. Inspired by real-life events, Odyssey is a timely drama challenging stereotypical narratives about India, Pakistan, and the Hindu-Muslim relationship, echoing the painful inheritance of loss,conflict and diaspora left by the dramatic Partition of 1947, still shaping the Indian subcontinent to this day.


  • - 85'
  • Genre Drama
  • Budget $2M
  • Location Hong Kong / Pakistan / India
  • Director Mirko Pincelli
  • Executive Producer Rakesh Khemchand Rajwani, Winnie SM Wong
  • Proposed Cast Riz Ahmed , Anupam Kher , Suhaee Abro , Louis Cheung , Simon Yam , Jennifer Yu
  • Sound Darko Spasovski


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