“25” is a poignant and inspiring true story film set in the 1980s. It centers around Lo Peng, a determined woman from a traditional Chiu Chow family, who be- comes the focal point of her family’s struggle against adversity. Initially a tai tai with five children, Lo Peng defies societal expectations to secure financial aid for her daughter Jacqueline’s education in Canada.

Jacqueline excels professionally upon her return to Hong Kong but becomes consumed by her career, neglecting her family. However, when Lo Peng is di- agnosed with terminal lung cancer, Jacqueline sac- rifices her career to become her primary caregiver while raising her own daughter, Sarah. The film ex- plores the complexities of their family dynamics and Sarah’s struggle for self-expression. “25” delves into themes of determination, sacrifices, and the pro- found impact of family connections deeply rooted in Chinese culture.


  • - Feature
  • Genre Biographical
  • Budget $5M
  • Location Hong Kong / UK
  • Director TBC
  • Producer Winnie SM Wong
  • Proposed Cast Michelle Yeoh , Fala Chen , Angela Yuen


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