Splyt Alliance

Pinch Media produced this Branded Content video for the Launch of SplytTech, an Uber competitor social ride sharing Taxi start up.

The video explores the development of human civilisation over time, taking us on a journey from cavemen to the modern day, showing how human progress has always come hand in hand with people working together. It was an epic production shooting over 3 days all over London.

Written, Directed and shot by Gabriel Calderwood and Natalja Safronova.

“We believe in a future of interconnected urban mobility. We designed the Splyt roaming platform to connect mobility stakeholders around the world”. Splyt.


Splyt Alliance

  • - 2.15 minutes
  • Genre Commercial
  • Location London, UK
  • Director Gabriel Calderwood and Natalja Safronova
  • Director of Photography Natalja Safronova
  • Producer Enrico Tessarin
  • Editor Patrick Miles Widdop
  • Music by Stefano Fasce
  • Sound Maciej Mariusz Miskiewicz


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