20th November. Today we are recovering from watching our first documentary (done back in 2011) Uspomene 677 on Al Jazeera Balkans, showing simultaneously in 6 former Yugoslav counties: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia. All sorts of people ringing to congratulate, to ask information, to cry and share the feelings. For us, this is what we make films for. And it is a privilege to have been involved in a project that has such a widespread effect on people. We look forward to make another one soon. Who knows? Uspomene 5 years later soon? Check the latest on Uspomene Website and contact us if you would like to buy the special edition DVD to support Pinch projects, with exclusive behind the scenes and memorabilia.

18th November. Our second documentary “My words and I” was on italian regional TV. We are aiming soon to be on Rai 3 (italian national TV); will keep you posted. Well done team. As well for Italians, here our TV news from Verona.

13th November. And after a screening at EON (aka the production company making James Bond) here we are for a screening at Working Titles. Is it my impression or our friends are all quite clearly moving up?

10rd November More press.. while waiting “the result” from the Italian Ministry of Culture for our next feature film “The habit of beauty“, a wonderful person + Italian press are pushing. Massive thank you. It’s coming, promised!

5th November And after a grueling 8 days shoot ‘The adventures of T-boy’ shoot is finished. We had a lot of fun but it was hard work. We met a lot of new film-makers that we hope to work with in the future. Now 8 x 30’ editing is about to start. With the right person in front of Final Cut, we know this will be a tight schedule we can meet.

OCTOBER – 2013

28th October. If you find that you can’t get enough movie magic for your appetite then check out the latest trailer from a film we exec-produced at the beginning of the year…when everyone else was wrapped up all cozy and warm! “He Who Dares” is an action thriller where ‘Die Hard’ Meets ‘The Raid’! The film will be released in early 2014 and we look forward to it. We even hear that there may be a sequel in the pipeline. Check this out.

We are about to start an 8-part TV series for MTA productions, makers of ‘Meet the Adebanjo’. Looking forward to work with the director producer team Debra and Andrew and all their team. We will shoot the project with Enrico going back to his roots as a second operator. It will be fun.

17th October. We went back to music videos? Just for once (we were missing the vibe : ) Last day of shooting (studio) today after a two days shoot in Italy for our next music vid with the MAN Scarz and the fantastic Adi Alfa. After this we’ll start editing with delivery in a few weeks. Look forward to showing you this very photographic-style video. A very big departure for rapper Scarz. Let’s see the video soon.

15th October. Flying to Rome for an Interview at the Italian Ministry of Culture for our film ‘The habit of beauty’. We are meeting our co-producer Cristiano in a café outside the Ministry in a beautiful square. The sun is shining and it feels like summer. The interview goes in a flash. In 2 questions about how Jacques Audiard and Andrea Arnold are two big influences on the work. Another couple of questions on the amounts of drafts of the script (8 so far) and we are out. Breathless but satisfied, we are now waiting for the verdict. Drums roll…..

5th October How typical of life Pinch Media We are two hours from our Raindance Film Festival premiere and we are reading a script. But this is not just a script. It’s the BEST script we’ve read in a looooooong time. And we just pray as we read that it doesn’t let us down. So far (page 71) so getting better and better. Perhaps this is a good omen. While reading we have also attended a reception at the prestigious Italian Institute of Culture with all the other Italian film-makers. Very interesting networking and picture opportunity and, as expected, the food was simply amazing. Thank you Raindance!

3rd October. Very nice article of “My words and I” published today on the magazine ‘OGGI’ in Italy. After been selected for Raindance Film Festival this year, we hope to be broadcasted on RAI 3 Doc very soon.. and more festival to come. It looks like we may get a fair amount of press this autumn.



September started in Italy with Mirko going to film and take photographs at a Communication Workshop by our friends @Psicodizione. He used the opportunity to get some more dynamic filming done to include in the documentary we made with them ‘My Words and I‘: never stop working! Never too late go get more brilliant material and make the film better.

Upon his return Mirko made a new edit of ‘My Words and I‘, incorporating the new footage and generally restructuring it to make it an even stronger character led documentary. This is the cut that will be screening at Raindance Film Festival on Sunday the 6th of October and we are all extremely excited and will hopefully be seeing many of you there! We are also pleased to announce that our friends at BeActive Media and their film Beat Girl which we line produced in the UK has been nominated for an Emmy award. Best of luck to them!


The big news for the summer months is the finishing of the shooting of ‘Fishermen’s conversation‘. After a three part shoot over more than a year, our presence on the lovely island of Hvar has come to an end. We have come to know this place and its people like very few other places in the world. For us it was an experience of a lifetime – and this is what documentaries are all about! We want stories that enrich us as human beings – this certainly was one. A wonderful story, a wonderful place, with wonderful people. Grazie to our director Chiara Bove for letting us into her world, Hvala to all the people of Hvar that again and again amazed us with their openness, patience, friendliness and grace. Over the final shoot the film has really developed and the focus has shifted to the juxtaposition of the traditional ways of the island with the recent influx of international tourism which has brought wealth, but has really changed the inhabitant’s life in many ways.

In other news Mirko has finished editing the first two documentaries of the series “Ordinary Heroes” that we have shot for PCRC (Post Conflict Research Centre). One doc is the story of Ferid, a man who is the sole survivor of a mass execution of Bosniaks, and Mina, the woman who saved his life by hiding him in her house; Mina is a hero who lives a simple life and is quietly proud of what she did. Ferid takes us to the location of the execution for the first time in 20 years. The second story is about two friends in Bijelijna (Republika Srpska), one of whom has saved the other out of a concentration camp in a simple act of kindness, the act which resonates in their lives to this day.

JUNE 2013

Feature films Life. With regards to our feature film ‘The Habit of Beauty’, I read once that one of the biggest sources of anxiety and frustration in one’s career is to focus only on where you need to go, instead of looking back and seeing how far you’ve gone. After spending so long on the script and winning the support of some amazing cast and crew, going crazy on the financing and post… It was with great emotion that I received the first few pages of the shot list from Mirko. It is just part of the process, I guess. But it still hit me. Seeing his shotlist and seeing how obviously visual he is, reminded me why we started this process in the first place.

It is also such a pleasure to see how established UK actors react to the script. We have more news of actors being attached. As a writing-directing team who just developed this film straight from their heart, it is a real blast to get good reactions.

Other (feature) films.  We recently had a couple of co-productions with low budget genre specialists Press-on Features, headed by the prolific Simon Phillips and Paul Tanter. The first two collaborations, who also marked the debut of our PINCH COMPLETION FUND, were very interesting so we look forward to more. If you have a feature film that needs completion and/or sales/distribution help do get in touch. We and our angel investors look forward to hearing from talented film-makers.

On set with Noel Clarke. This week we have had the pleasure of being on the set of the feature film ‘The Anomaly’. It was a great experience, all the best to our friends, Mr. Noel Clarke, Cedric StClair, Peter and the rest of the team.

And to end on an even happier note, Enrico has just been accepted by the TV Drama Writers’ Festival. Hope to see some of you there next week.

MAY 2013

Docs life. Ordinary heroes is our first Doc series. 5 x 30’ documentaries about exceptional stories shot all around Bosnia. It was again a partnership with PCRC and our Bosnian sister Velma Saric. Shooting like this, discovering new worlds, telling meaningful stories with incredible people and complete trust of the commissioners is what film-making should be all about. But you may ask: what is ‘Ordinary heroes’? – Have a look into our “documentary” section : )

We’d like to thank Velma Saric and all the people who shared their stories with us. Thank you for letting us in and allowing us to learn so much. On a practical side we have shot the first two episodes of the series and are now in post-production. We plan to shoot and edit 3 more episodes in the autumn.

More Docs – We expect to complete one more shoot for ‘Fishermen’s conversation’ in Croatia over the summer. Dates to be confirmed.

As for the mother of all our docs, we are very happy to announce the following confirmed broadcasters for Uspomene 677: Rudaw TV, Maori TV, DR2, ACHT, and Planete + Poland (Re-branded now as NC+).

Finally we plan to re-cut and relaunch ‘My words and I’ new singing and dancing TV cut with new lovely English subtitles for the Autumn too. With the idea of hitting key UK and European festivals, another prestige screening in London and then start selling the TV version in the Autumn.


This month, Rebecca has been editing the first cut of the ‘Fisherman’s Conversations’ feature documentary, directed by Chiara Bove Makiedo. Work on it is going well and we are receiving positive feedback. We are currently working on a website, which will be launched in the nearby future, be sure to look out for that. We hope to return to Croatia this July to complete our last shoot for the doc.

We have begun UK casting for ‘The Habit of Beauty‘, beginning with the role of Ian. We are thoroughly enjoying the process so far, meeting a vast amount of talent. We are also able to confirm Italian award-winning actress Francesca Neri as our lead, which we are very excited about.

Be sure to look out for ‘He Who Dares’ starring our good friend Tom Knight, an action film, in which we executive produced. It has just been shown in this month Screen International. We are very much the art house/documentary types here, but we like to try and support all genres, and this is our first in ‘Action’, which has been a very exciting new experience for us.

We will be travelling back to Bosnia this month for two weeks to complete another series of the ‘Ordinary Heroes’ project in partnership with PCRC (Post Conflict Research Center). We have just completed a trailer which is due to release soon, so be sure to watch out for that.


Happy New Year everyone and welcome back!

Work has begun for the Italian casting of our film ‘The Habit of Beauty’. It has been going very well so far and we look forward to being able to update you more about this in the upcoming future. We have been at the Berlinale Film Festival EFM this month, which was a great experience, learning a lot on the producing side. We enjoyed it very much and hope to be back next year.

We have also been working on a new pilot doc with Ali May from MAYHART ‘The Cloud’ which focuses on energy efficiency. It will be pitched to broadcasters this summer, in the hope to be fully commissioned.

We’re happy to say that we had the UK premiere, our industry screening of ‘My Words and I’ at the Soho Screening Rooms, which was a great success. Thank you to all who came, we hope you enjoyed it as much as us.

We are also very proud to announce that we will be having a screening of ‘Uspomene 677’ to students at Goldsmiths University of London on 27th February. It is free and open to the public, so please feel free to join us.

Details click HERE


This month we have just come back from the shoot of ‘Fishermen and fishermen conversations’, shot in Hvar, Croatia. It was a fantastic experience and we got some pretty amazing footage. Quite a location it was, and the locals made us feel very welcome. We wish all projects were like this and are now looking forward to the editing over winter.

We have also officially starting casting for ‘The Habit of Beauty’. We are speaking to some pretty big names in Italy, mainly thanks to our wonderful casting director Lilia Trapani Hartmann who found the time to work with us after casting the last film of Cannes-winners Dardenne Brothers. We’ve so far been to Madrid to meet with a prominent Spanish actress, and also Rome to talk with some fantastic actors. It both overwhelms and scares us to be in such company; we feel so very honoured but also we feel we are going in the right direction. Which is a very nice feeling.

We were also able to complete Exposure’s ‘Teen London’ series culminating with Episode 3. It was a successful shoot working the young people who were involved in both the cast and crew within the two day production, and with young director Gareth Fient (another of Pinch media young discoveries) who directed this last episode and Rebecca Richards working as second – unit camera. We were able to create something very much youth-led within the charity. It was a great moment.

Finally we’d like to mention another of our young discoveries, Rob Savage and his film Strings. We worked with Rob early on in 2012 but then, due to other commitments, we had to focus on other projects. Rob and Strings went on to get distribution from Vertigo and won a BIFA. We couldn’t be happier for Rob and wish him and his film all the best. We look forward to finding out what he is doing next.

We now look forward to a bit of ‘quiet work’ over Christmas until we will start storyboarding ‘The Habit of Beauty’ in early January.

Thank you for all the support over an amazing 2012. See you in 2013!


There has also been new progress with our sales agent Journeyman Pictures who are looking towards international sales for Uspomene 677. We have now closed another two territories, Denmark (DR2) and Belgium (ACHT Viewcom). Thank you Mirko for the persistence and Edward Caffreys for closing these deals. We are also under discussion with Rai3.

At the moment we are also currently planning the London screening of ‘My Words and I’. Watch out for updates on our Facebook page and website.

Proud to also say we attended the ‘David Lean lecture’ at Bafta with one of our heroes (and 5-times Bafta winner) Pedro Almodovar. He was very gracious to tell us a little bit about his casting and rehearsing technique. We’ll keep this moment in our hearts for a long time.

We are also proud to announce our next documentary project currently entitled ‘Fishing and Fishermen’s Conversations’, a poetic take on consumerism and globalisation from the point of view of three traditional fishermen families in Croatia. The project is to be directed by Chiara Bove Makiedo, shot by Mirko and produced by us through Pinch Media.

We look forward to the next shoot in Croatia in Early December, and casting in Rome for our next film ‘The habit of beauty’.


Following the release of our first feature film as producers The Knot earlier this month, we’d like to thank you all for the huge amount of support. This has been our first film to go on general release in cinemas via Universal Pictures, an achievement that we are all very proud of. It was a pleasure and a honour to work with a bunch of talented people, including BAFTA winners and Hollywood stars. Quite an experience to say the least.

Aside from its general release we’ve had many preview screenings, including with Millie’s Cookies, London Film School and Sky Movies, which gave us a chance to connect with a lot of supporters. Now the film is getting ready for its DVD release and our sales agent is ready to take it to international markets.

This month we also attended PFM (Production Finance Market), meeting various sales agents and distributors. We had 17 meetings scheduled across the two days, it was been a great experience, and one that we have learnt a lot from.

Having taken our project, The Habit of Beauty to PFM. We are looking forward to next month, where we are currently getting the finance in place and working hard to get production ready for summer 2013.


Dear friends and supporters. Here is our new website. It includes a radical new design that suits our work better and all the project we worked on since we started 3 years ago. We are very proud of it and we look forward to hearing what you guys think. Let us have some feedback ( Enrico, Mirko, Andy, Rebecca & team xxx

September 2012

We filmed the short ‘A New Friend’ for Rhoda Montemayor and Louise Dylan, which they produced. Mirko directed and Enrico executive produced. We fell in love with the script immediately. The short features two small children, a girl aged six, and a boy aged ninc, who were brilliant to work with! Filming was located in Parsons Green and Coulsdon, and we look forward to begin editing soon. Check out their Facebook page for more info –

Enrico filmed the 9 x 30” green screen virals for an Augmented Reality project for The Knot. It was quite an unusual project. As part of The Knot we are working with one of the leading companies, in Augmented Reality called Aurasma (sponsor of Tottenham Hotspur FC). We produced nine, 30-second videos that were then inserted via Augmented Reality technology onto The Knot posters that will be released. In order to view these videos you will have to download the Aurasma app, point at the poster and the video will come right at you! Very exciting and cool stuff.

Finally, in this month’s goodie bag, we have also just released the first webisode of ‘Teen London’, created with Exposure Organisation. We are already on more than 1,500 views in less than a week, and that’s before we have even started any of the online marketing fireworks. Watch it here. We are now editing the next webisode, which we will be releasing soon, so keep an eye out for that treat.

August 2012

This month we have done a few projects abroad and in the UK, whilst also focusing on the marketing of The Knot.

Mirko completed a 45 min documentary of the German Triathlon event in Osteemam. He also completed a 1 week shoot in Croatia filming the first part of a documentary about fisherman, focusing on the traditional ways of fishing which are getting lost in today’s modern society.

Enrico produced a Flashmob video to promote ‘Everybody Dreams’, the song for Tottenham for Gladesmore School. It wasshot on the anniversary of the riots. The video managed to get 10,000 hits on YouTube. We did this conjunction with Exposure Organisation. It was a great success. We even managed to get the police to block off Tottenham High Road when filming! Watch it here.

We shot two episodes of the web-series ‘The Week before the Knot’. This was written by Noel Clarke and Davie Fairbanks, directed by Mirko and produced by Enrico. Episode 1 has received 45,000 hits on YouTube. Episode 2 has just been released. We are hoping to shoot another two webisodes. Find them here and here.

July 2012

This has been an absolutely mad period for us, as predicted.

We completed the poster, cards and website for our documentary ‘My Words and I’ and attended its Italian cinema premieres in Turin and Rome. It was a very emotional affair as the screening in Turin saw several hundred people attend, and an enthusiastic audience kept us at the Q&A for over two hours. The questions were incredible and it made us really, really proud to be there.

Personally one of the highlights was a speech read by our friend Mike Warburton who, as an Englishman that doesn’t speak a word of Italian, wanted to say a few words to the Italian audience. He sought the help of technology, Google translating a speech he wrote into Italian. He read it in front of 300 Italians, literally bringing the house down. It was an amazing moment!

We look forward to the UK premiere this autumn.

June 2012

Just because we didn’t have enough on and we don’t deserve holidays yet, we were also asked to do another web series for ‘Beat Girl’ called the DJ series. Louise playing Heather talking about some of the most famous DJs. Well this content went crazy all over the internet with some episodes reaching 70,000 hits! It gave us a big understanding of how to cultivate an online presence by releasing content that a young audience will want to watch. This was really precious and we were taught by beActive, widely considered the best in this field. We look forward to applying these concepts to one of our productions soon.

May 2012

This month, everything that was planned (and more) all happened all at once.

We shot, developed and edited a lot, so get ready for a real handful of a blog!

We filmed the feature film ‘Beat Girl’ in London for beActive. It was a very intense four days with an Irish crew coming to London. We did everything that was requested and the crew flew back to Dublin with all the shots needed on the hard drive. We also did additional second unit establishing and second unit ‘beauty’ shots taking advantage of Mirko’s photography skills. It was our first time on EPIC which was a real joy to use. We understand why it is such a loved camera.

Afterwards, we did 8 x 3’ episodes of the ‘Beat Girl’ web series. It was all in one location, but it was still quite a tough shoot. All in one room, Louise Dylan and the camera. Nothing else. Inventing new angles was a very big challenge. But we did it!

All the footage was sent back to Portugal for the editing and we were really impressed with the results. The audience was quite impressed too and the episodes became real ‘big sellers’ on YouTube with several episodes on 30,000 and even 40,000 hits.

One amazing event of this month has been the Frontline screening of Uspomene 677. As far as war journalism is concerned, Frontline in Paddington is as good as it gets.

Frontline is the home of war journalism in London. An invitation to screen there in front of its membership made of war journalists is a dream come true. After applying several months ago, our dream became a reality. So we saw our film, the film that nobody wanted, to a virtually sold out screening at Frontline with some of the wonderful people who supported us all the way through, including Carlo and Sheila Floris and Roslyn from Noel Clarke’s Unstoppable Entertainment who were also our exec producers. We had ah hour long Q&A followed by two hours at the pub with a very partisan Serb fan, having a long and heated discussion with Mirko. Little did we know that, also thanks to this very screening, in a month or so we would have the chance to meet the one and only Nick Broomfield, be invited to his house and be asked to collaborate on several projects. Little, unfancied ‘Uspomene 677’ delivered again, against all odds to bring us up, one little step closer to our dream. Thank you Frontline.

April 2012

We are near to the completion of the poster and website design for our other documentary ‘My Words and I’, and very much looking forward to the Italian cinema premiere in June. The link is

We are at the last stages of our next feature film ‘The Habit of Beauty’. After almost a year in development with the script, we feel we are almost there! We are currently discussing fine details of the script with our team of wonderful script editors and we look to be completed by next month.

Finally, we are pushing along for post-sound work on our feature film ‘The Knot’ due for release in October. All to be done at Molinare, in Soho.

March 2012

So far, a very busy month at Pinch Media!

We are very close to finalizing an agreement with our documentary sales agent JOURNEYMAN PICTURES, with regards to them taking over our beloved ‘Uspomene 677’. We are very excited by the progress and hope to be closing soon. The documentary will then be available on their website for VOD and DVD. Make sure to watch out for it! We are also close to completing the new website for Uspomene 677 which will become

At the moment we are also finishing up prep on our next film, as line producers, with long-term collaborators beActive, for their feature film ‘Beat Girl’, for which we made a trailer back in early 2011. The film stars our friend Louise Dylan (also starring in ‘The Knot’) and will be shot partly in Ireland and partly in London. We are currently in the process of planning for the scenes located in London.

‘Teen London’, our web series in collaboration with Exposure Organisation, is at its final stages of development and will be shot in the following weeks. We are really excited about it and look forward to work on it with a young and talented cast!

February Special 2012

I read the campaign about the film ‘Drive’, and about how it deserved an Oscar nomination. And I was a part of that campaign. But now, after experiencing this film in Bosnia Herzegovina, in Sarajevo, 40 minutes from Italy, my own country, I feel like screaming another truth. I don’t say this lightly, but tonight, for the first time in my life I feel slightly ashamed of being a filmmaker.

I feel that this film is one of the reasons why I became a filmmaker myself. To tell stories that deserve to be told, to tell stories that touch people’s heart. This film has all of this and more. And yet, I feel ashamed that a fellow Director/Producer, somebody straight out of the Olympus of film-making, married to another Hollywood God, Brad Pitt himself, doesn’t get the credit she deserves after making what is clearly a masterpiece. How on earth did this film not even get an Oscar nomination? No nominations for anything, apart from the Golden Globe?

Shame on filmmakers who are prepared to tell stories just to amuse themselves and to just make money. Shame on viewers who got anesthetized from real, gut-wrenching stories and prefer to just close their eyes and go with the average. Shame on the academies of all the countries that ignore such a brave film, a film made for all the right reasons, a film that honours filmmaking, what it means, and what it’s meant to stand for. I’d love to see more films like ‘The Land of Blood and Honey’ getting made, getting distributed and getting recognition across the world. If not, what is filmmaking all about?

3.8 stars on IMDB? IMDB, for the first time, I am ashamed of you too. Do we just live in a blind world?

February 2012

Mirko heads off to Bosnia again for a week, to show ‘Uspomene 677‘ to all its Bosnian protagonists for the first time. The praise is universal and the feedback is occasionally, very moving. This is what makes such a hard project worth making. We look forward to going back to Bosnia for an official tour of the country with our documentary. Hopefully it will happen this year if we find the right sponsor.

Uspomene 677 is screened at FOTO8, one of the most prestigious Photojournalism galleries in the UK. It’s yet a different setting and yet another (almost) sold out screening of our documentary. It’s amazing to see how current the central topic of ‘Uspomene677’ still is, even after 15 years after the war. We had another very interesting Q&A afterwards, with ever more exciting and fresh questions. Check and support FOTO8 gallery but also on Facebook and Twitter.

We are almost ready with the second draft of our first feature film as Director/Producer titled ‘The Habit of Beauty’. A few more tweaks and we’ll be ready to start financing. Wait for it. It is due to happen in 2012 with some exciting UK and Italian cast attached. All will be revealed soon.

Congratulations to our friend and colleague, Noel Clarke, who was our co-producer on the feature film ‘The Knot’ and our executive producer on ‘Uspomene 677’ for his recent role on the latest ‘Star Trek’ film, directed by our idol JJ Abrams. Have fun in sunny LA and we’ll miss you back in Blighty.

January 2012

This month was fully dedicated to editing Psicodizione and we reached a first cut by the end of December. It was also time to do the end of year accounts and realise what an amazing year 2011 was for Pinch Media. One feature film as a Producer, due to be released in 2012 and two feature documentaries in one year. All the hard work of the previous two years handsomely paid off.

Uspomene 677 screens at Kingston University. It’s a bit of an unusual setting as the documentary is shown in a classroom in front of an audience of International Law students. When we started this project several years ago, we never thought we would end up with the documentary being used as a ‘teaching tool’, but we are very proud of it. Q&A is very different from Raindance and very poignant with several very involved Bosnian students in the audience. A beautiful evening thanks to Richard Newell @ Check him out.

December 2011

As always happens, when you are really busy, unexpected work always seem to arrive. But we don’t complain of course. It was in fact an honour to receive a call from the prestigious branding agency Future Brand, part of the McCann Group. We worked on a 3′ video for the launch of a prestigious brand in China. Unfortunately we didn’t get to go to China this time but we look forward to the next project and the next trip. This project forced Enrico to fly back to London while we were doing Psicodizione and involved a fair amount of editing and SFX completed in Italy by our trusted editor Jason.

November 2011

After the screening we went back to travelling and driving once again to Italy for the second part of the stuttering school documentary, aka Psicodizione. The shoot this time took us through the whole of northern and central Italy filming in Senigallia, Milan, Turin, Belluno, Bologna, Cesena and two trips to southern Italy to Puglia. We based ourselves for five weeks in the lovely town of Rivoli, 10km from Turin and clock almost 10,000km while we’re at it.

The footage looked fantastic and the whole experience was really uplifting. It is a ‘feel good story’ of people who really take pleasure in making other people’s life better. It was also a wonderful project where we had a fantastic feeling with the commissioner who trusted us enough to leave us in full creative control. The documentary will be completed in early 2012 and we look forward to doing more work with them. Check Psicodizione out!

October 2011

Our Bosnia documentary ‘Uspomene 677‘ gets its UK cinema release on 31st September 2011 at Raindance Film Festival. It was a packed West End Cinema debut and we had a follow up screening the following day. It was a very emotional day for Mirko and the whole team who worked so hard on this project. To keep up to date on its latest screenings please check out Facebook page. Below you can see a couple of pictures from the Q&A session featuring Mirko, Enrico, super editor Jason, and a Yugoslavian moderator who had a lot to say about the doc. It is worth pointing out that we also received an email from Berlinale 2012 officially requesting the film for a viewing. We didn’t make it but it was an honour to be considered by such a prestigious festival with our first feature documentary.

September 2011

The latest poster for ‘Uspomene 677’ has been released. We can announce Noel Clarke as an Executive Producer on the film. ‘Upsomene 677′ has been nominated for ‘Best Micro-budget Feature’ at Raindance 2011. ‘Uspomene 677′ is in the official selection at Raindance Film Festival 2011.

Mirko and Enrico headed to Bologna (Italy) for a two-week shoot, first part of the documentary for Psicodizione

We have also completed the edit for our project for Unilever. Thank you again to our client 1HQ

August 2011

Pinch Media has been commissioned for a new documentary. It’s about an Italian communication therapy company ‘Psicodizione’, specialised in stammer treatment and speech therapy. It’s our biggest commission yet, a job taking about four months to complete. We look forward to start working with owners Chiara Comastri and Alberto Demestri.

We have completed the shoot and started the edit for the latest Unilver commissioned for 1HQ

We have also just come back from the trip in Germany and Holland for Unilever.

The latest commission coming from long running client 1HQ is a video for Unilever, involving filming in Germany and Holland. We are very much looking forward to start!

July 2011

Our director Mirko, starts his fourth trip to Bosnia for a conference about reconciliation in Bosnia Herzegovina organised by The Post Conflict Research Center, PCRC. He will be filming the conference and complete the filming of ‘Uspomene 677‘.

We completed a shoot for the hairdressing company, Charles Worthington via Pz Cussons.

June 2011

One month of full-on work editing our feature doc ‘Uspomene 677’. 80 hours of footage to organise. A titanic job, Pinch Media strikes a strategic alliance for corporate work with social enterprise Exposure. See our new page on

We are attending Sheffield Docfest 2011. Lots of vey good contacts to meet for completing ‘Uspomene 677′.

Our latest commission is from Aegis Trust. Covering the meeting of two heroes of Rwanda, Gisimba School. Project covered by The Guardian Rwanda heroes: 17 years on | World News | The Guardian. It also involves meeting supporters Clive Owen and Carlos Acosta.

Enrico has completed editing on ‘The Knot’ with Tom Hemmings. The film is now officially finished.

Our director Mirko is back from Bosnia trip no. 3 with some amazing footage on the reactions to the arrest of Ratko Mladic. We had interest from several news agencies, but decided to turn them all down and keep all the footage for the documentary. It wasn’t a very easy decision, at all.

In spite of all our efforts, the Roundtables at Sheffield ended up being a majestic waste of time. The session was good, but the meeting with the broadcaster, totally pointless. A real shame and, I believe, a real sign of short sightedness from some broadcasters. But, of course, we are biased.

May 2011

Ratko Mladic, one of the last big criminals of the Bosnian War has been arrested in Serbia. It is an incredible development of our documentary. Our director Mirko decides to fly to Bosnia Herzogovina the same day. It’s a risky, but an inevitable decision. We could get some amazing stories. As it happens, we did.

We completed ‘Mind Pictures’, a series of eight short films with young people experiencing mental health problems. This project is made for youth media charity Exposure Organisation, funded by Wates Foundation and took place over a year at Northgate School in Edgware hospital in North London. We are now developing a documentary on the subject. The films can be seen at

‘The Knot’ appears on ITV News, on London Tonight. Incredible to see us on television. Amazing what a good PR company can do. Have a look to it!

Uspomene 677’ is selected for the Roundtables at Sheffield Doc Fest. We look forward to seeing what happens with that. Loads of expectation and opportunities. Very exciting.

April 2011

It’s a wrap on the shoot for ‘The Knot’; on time and on budget. Our first feature is in the can (ok, well in the memory cards). It’s an amazing feeling to wrap your first feature film on time and, for what I can see, on budget. I had been waiting for this moment for a long time. Thank you Noel Clarke, Davie Fairbanks and all the people who work on it. Now look forward to start editing!

March 2011

We start principal photography on our first feature film ‘The Knot’ on the 28th March. The film was directed by Jesse Lawrence and stars Noel Clarke, Mena Suvari, Talulah Riley and Matthew McNulty.

Our director Mirko is back from his second trip to Bosnia with a lot more footage. We are looking forward to going through it, although we are going to be very busy over the next few months.

February 2011

We start prep on our first feature film as producers, ‘The Knot’ a romantic comedy financed via private equity and to be distributed by Exile Media Group.

We are commissioned six videos to complete during London fashion week. This is the first project we will shoot while Mirko is away in Bosnia. Bring on a new challenge!

January 2011

Our director Mirko flies away to Bosnia. Officially. It’s an emotional farewell as we were planning to go together but work on the feature film just prevents me from going as well. It will be a life changing experience for Mirko. Early footage and stills look amazing. Keep in touch on ‘Uspomene 677’ website.

We are also commissioned for another video project from longing standing client 1HQ. Look forward to start on a new one.

We are commissioned to make two more virals for Novus Leisure. Very good followup.

December 2010

We completed the virals for leading bar operator Novus Leisure (running Tiger Tiger bar and many others) (running Tiger Tiger Bar and many other). Virals are written and directed by Pinch Media. Co-produced with Junior from New Treatment.

We eventually delivered on our Unilever project for 1HQ. Almost four months of work and several versions afterwards, we have finished. It was a titanic job with filming abroad, animation and long nights of editing. But it is worth it. Thank you to Dave Ridgway for all the great work in post-production.

November 2010

We have just recently completed our short ‘Together’ for the competition ‘Digital Revolutions’ for Sheffield Doc Fest. We have been selected as the Top 5 Finalists. The film shot in London and Italy on Canon 5D was a very heartfelt piece that is getting a lot of attention online. We hope at least to be short listed for the Top 10. ‘Together’ was directed, shot and edited by Mirko with support from Dave with grading and graphics and script editing from Louise. Enrico wrote the original script.

Click here to view the link to the competition YouTube channel. Please have a look and, if you enjoy it, share and retweet. Watch this space for updates from the competition.

October 2010

We had the pleasure of filming Matthew Williamson latest show as part of London Fashion Week. We went to Battersea Power Station where an impromptu stage and exclusive marquee was built for the occasion, with a mainly white colour palette. We had full access to full backstage as well as the catwalk and the ensuing video was a little beauty – available in full on Pinch TV. This project was commissioned by online fashion directory F-tape.

September 2010

Our next project is a ‘Sinual Shapes’ style series of videos for, led by Creative Director (and Sinual Shapes creator) Michele Bonechi

Ftape is the world’s largest online Creative Directory for the fashion industry. The label will publish a series of web documentaries featuring leading figures of the beauty and fashion industry. The first episode will be shot at the world famous beauty centre of The Sanderson Hotel. Watch out for a clip soon.

August 2010

It has been an eventful few months where the studio has started collaborating with some of the top advertising and branding agencies in the UK, including TBWA Manchester, 1HQ and PZ Cussons. We have also worked with some very well known clients including live action and animation projects for Unilever, Tate Modern, Roland, SEG International with shoots spread across several EU countries, Holland, Germany, Italy, and Hungary. Among others we have worked with creatives such as designer Tom Dixon and Agent Provocateur co-founder Joseph Corre’. See the results on our new showreel.