Ordinary HeroesIn Development

A series of 5 x 30 minutes documentaries focusing on people who during the Bosnian war saved one another. We want this series to be a positive and uplifting portrayal of some ‘good stories’ that happened in the horror of this brutal war. The Bosnian war was hell. The Bosnian war was a long time ago. The consequences of the Bosnian war are still very much felt today. But not all stories were bad. There were stories of heroism, help, support and defiance. People who actually went out of their way to help one another, just because they were neighbors, friends, human beings; just because they were Bosnian. These are our ORDINARY HEROES.

What is a hero? Who is a hero? Does he/she have any special skills? Does he have to be special at all…. Why are they heroes?