Andrea is a sound recordist, writer and communication specialist. He holds a B.A. in Philosophy from San Raffaele University and a Master in Storytelling and Non-Fiction Writing from Scuola Holden. He has published short stories and articles appearing on national Italian media outlets such as La Stampa and Fondazione Feltrinelli. In 2020, he curated, along with Piergiorgio Caserini, the literary short story column Coronatum hosted by, working as a writer and editor. 

Since 2012, Andrea has worked as an assistant producer, uniting his love for music and cinema by working as a sound recordist. He has collaborated with director and producer Mirko Pincelli on various projects, including Where have you been, Still Standing, Ludovico Einaudi assemble  and others. Having honed his skills through extensive hands-on experience, Andrea possesses a deep understanding of the technical nuances and artistry involved in sound recording. His mastery of sound equipment, combined with his sharp instincts, allows him to adapt to any environment and overcome challenges to capture the perfect audio.