Elizabeth Fiore is a seasoned survey analyst with a flair for the arts. During her illustrious career, she not only excelled in analysing data but also curated a thriving art gallery in South East London.

Choosing early retirement, Elizabeth embraced a life of adventure, scaling the heights of Kilimanjaro and swimming alongside dolphins and whale sharks. Her love for exploration and thrill is evident in her diverse pursuits.

Upon returning to London, Elizabeth redirected her energy towards her life long passion, films, joining Pinch Media. As a valuable team member, she works diligently behind the scenes, contributing her expertise to ensure the success of various projects.

Elizabeth’s aim at Pinch Media is clear: to keep everything and everyone in check, utilising her wealth of experience and commitment to excellence. From early development to final distribution each of Pinch Media films and it’s budget is followed in its unexpected while unique journey by Elizabeth.