Kapija ’95

Although 27 years have passed since the shells were fired from Mount Ozren into the downtown area of Tuzla known as Kapija (Bosnia and Herzegovina), the victims’ families are still waiting for justice. During the massacre, the Army of Republika Srpska (VRS) killed 71 and wounded more than 140. So far, only one person has been held accountable for the 71 lives lost, but, due to legal technicalities, that person remains at large.

The victims’ families have repeatedly approached investigating authorities with the names of those connected to the shelling of Tuzla’s downtown area, Kapija, but, according to the parents of the murdered children, their efforts have amounted to nothing. The average age of those killed and wounded was 23 years old.

Produced by PCRC in partnership with Pinch Media, Kapija ’95 on the 27th anniversary of the crimes against Tuzla’s youth premiered at the Srebrenica Memorial Center and was later screened on TV stations across Tuzla Canton. The movie was then donated to the Kapija Memorial Center in Tuzla.


Kapija ’95

  • - 27'
  • Genre Documentary
  • Location Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Director Mirko Pincelli
  • Producer Velma Sarić
  • Executive Producer Emir Suljagić
  • Sales Agent
  • Cinematography Mirko Pincelli
  • Music by Royal Street Orchestra Fat Bozo Vreco
  • Sound Peter Michaels


Kapija-95-Pinch-Media-Mirko-Pincelli-PCRC-2 Kapija-95-Pinch-Media-Mirko-Pincelli-PCRC-4 Kapija-95-Pinch-Media-Mirko-Pincelli-PCRC-1