Indian millionaire Ashish Kapoor leaves be- hind financial wreckage and numerous angry creditors, fleeing to London to enjoy a lavish life and plan his birthday in a remote, 500-year- old castle.

On the night of the exclusive party, along with his closest associates, a mysterious female guest shows up, causing curiosity and suspicion. As the guests are warned that no- body will be able to leave the castle due to a heavy storm, another announcement follows: while raising the toast, Ashish tells everyone he is surrendering to the Indian government, introducing the uninvited guest as CBI officer Meera Rao, who has come to arrest him and awaits Scotland Yard agents stuck in the storm. 

As all the guests ponder what the revelation means for each of them, Ashish goes missing and is soon found dead; someone has mur- dered him. With her sole efforts, Officer Meera Rao starts an investigation, unveiling everybody’s past—a dangerous task that will eventually lead her to the truth, leaving no stone unturned.




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