You’re not alone anymore

‘You’re Not Alone Anymore’ is a music video for the artist Piet Row, directed by Giovanni Bolzani Valenzano, choreographed by Darcy Wallace and cinematography by Jack Hamilton.

Filmed in Malta, it went on to win Best Music Video – Short to the Point.


You’re not alone anymore

  • - 5'
  • Genre Music Video
  • Location Malta
  • Director Giovanni Bolzani
  • Producer APi, Pinch Media Film, Lobe Media
  • Editor Jay Kevin Composta
  • Cinematography Jack Hamilton
  • Music by Piet Row
  • Festivals and Awards Best Music Video - Short to the Point 2019


Ali-Goldsmith-by-Piet-Row-Giovanni-Bolzani-Pinch-Media-5 Ali-Goldsmith-by-Piet-Row-Giovanni-Bolzani-Pinch-Media-3 Ali-Goldsmith-by-Piet-Row-Giovanni-Bolzani-Pinch-Media-2-1