Mirko Pincelli

Mirko is a graduate of East London University where he studied photography in 2004. He started his career as a photojournalist and photographer with assignments both in London and across Europe – including Stern magazine and Stints as an assistant of celebrity photographer Donna Trope.

He developed into a director of photography for adverts, music videos, several short films and eventually as a shooting director for shorts and TV.

In 2010, he directed his first documentary “Uspomene 677” (677 memories) which was subsequently sold to 13 countries and was invited by Angelina Jolie at the Sarajevo premiere of her feature film debut. Since then, he has directed several documentaries and a documentary series, accumulating dozens of selections for festivals and a United Nations Innovation Award.

In 2016, he directed his first feature film “The Habit Of Beauty”, starring Francesca neri (Almodovar’s “Live Flesh”), Noel Clarke (“Brotherhood”) and Nico Mirallegro (“My Mad Fat Diary”) which was released to rave reviews both in Italy and Spain. The film had also been selected for 24 international film festivals and won 5 awards. Mirko, who also teaches at London Film Academy, is currently working on his next film.