Still Standing

To some people being recognized as an ethnic group is a given fact. For the Sindhi, an ancient population living in India and Pakistan, their roots and land were taken away over centuries. Yet they couldn’t take away their spirits.

Still Standing is a documentary telling the story of how the Sindhi tried to forget the pain of their partition and strived for their futures; how this ancient population had the strength to endure a traumatic evolution through centuries. We will follow the journey of Anil, a young and successful business man born in Singapore and living around world for business, of Sindhi origin, and his quest for his roots.

He will meet Zulfir, a young taxi driver from the Mumbai slums who still fully understands the Sindhi heritage and what it means to be Sindhi. These people and others more, will lead us in this journey and discuss ethnic, identity, religion, history and present time


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Still Standing

  • - 82 (Feature) / 52 (TV) minutes
  • Genre Feature and TV Documentary
  • Budget 250k - 80% funded
  • Location Pakistan, Hong Kong, USA, India, Canary Islands, Emirates, UK
  • Director Mirko Pincelli
  • Producer Enrico Tessarin, Winnie Wong
  • Line Producer Jozef Mrofka
  • Proposed Cast Private organisations/Individuals
  • Music by Peter Michaels